Fiber och tjocktarmscancer!?

Eva K tipsar i sin blogg om en ny studie där man tittat på hur fiber påverkar cancerceller.

”The results showed that all three compounds reduced cell proliferation of Caco-2 cells caused by increased cell cycle duration. Specifically, FA treatment induced a delay in the S phase and affected genes that regulate centrosome assembly and the S phase DNA damage checkpoints such as CEP2, CETN3 and RABGAP1. p-CA treatment induced a delay in the G2/M phase and affected genes in the cell cycle regulating system including MYC, CDKN1A, PCNA, CDC25A, ODC1, CCNA2 and CCNB1. Lactoferricin treatment induced a delay in the S phase and affected cyclin E1 protein expression. A daily dose of one or more compounds over a long time span, years and decades, that decreases the number of total cell divisions substantially, may reduce the overall risk of cancer development. This is probably the most important message in this study to be carried along for the future.”

Birgit Janicke har också tidigare tittat på cancerceller från tjocktarmen. En artikel från 2005 hittar du här och mer av hennes arbete hittar du här.

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